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Troubleshooting for the 6 most common garage door problems

Automatic garage doors are perhaps one of man’s greatest inventions. No more getting out of the car to open and close a door – something especially convenient in the pouring rain, freezing cold or at night. At the end of the day garage doors are mechanical and can after years of good service play up overnight. Here are the 6 most common issues and some handy troubleshooting tips should the issue be the lesser of the few evils.

1. The remote control is not opening or closing your garage door

  • First off, check the remote battery. We know it is obvious, but it is necessary to rule out the most obvious issues first.
  • Your remote and garage door range might be set too close to each other.
  • Check if the antenna on your garage door is free from any obstacles?
  • 2. Your garage door won’t close/open completely

  • Your open and close limit settings might need some adjustments.
  • If the door doesn’t want to close all the way, it could be a safety sensor issue, and a realignment of your sensors should be done.
  • If your door also has issues opening and closing in general your rollers might be rusted/damaged.
  • Springs that hold heavy doors will need regular tightening.
  • 3. Your garage door opens by itself

  • A garage door that opens for no reason (even if it opens right after it has just closed) is spooky but easy to fix in most cases.
  • Reset your open and close limit settings.
  • Check if there is anything interfering with your remote or with the transmitter in the garage.
  • Check whether a neighbour has just come home. It could be that your remote is set a similar frequency. Reset it.
  • 4. Your garage door won’t open at all

  • Rule out any remote-related issues.
  • Check if the garage hasn’t been locked manually by accident.
  • Check whether a spring has broken. Springs normally break extremely loudly but if you weren’t home during the occurrence, you could be non the wiser.
  • 5. Your garage door closes quickly and loudly

  • Your tension springs or cables have broken, and would need replacing.
  • 6. Your garage door hangs unevenly

  • An uneven garage doors could indicate a misalignment with your garage tracks, and is a rather large issue for both the functionality of your doors and also your safety when entering and exiting through the doors.
  • While some problems can be sorted out quickly it is essential to always practice caution when working on your garage doors. It is best to work on a door in the closed position to prevent the risk of it collapsing on you. If your issue is electrical, always switch off the main switch before tinkering with the cabling.

    Alternatively, get the experts involved. At RightFit we have decades of garage door maintenance and repairs under our belts. We’ve seen it all. Give us a call, we’ll gladly assist with the necessary repairs.