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Garage Revamp

Garage Revamp: If The Walls Could Talk

If you are the guy that hangs back until your neighbour disappears from view before you open your garage door – it is a clear sign it is time the space needs a little TLC. If you have a little time on your hands and a few extra Rs, make the most of the area. The walls of any garage are the most visible and with a bit of work they can also make the most dramatic impact.

Before attempting your garage wall treatment keep the following in mind:
  • Quality: Naturally, you’ll want to choose something that has aesthetic appeal but instead of going the cheapest route to get the look, spring for the little extra to get a quality result.
  • Maintenance: In the end it is still the garage and choosing a high maintenance finish, irrespective of how beautiful, is simply not feasible.
  • Shelving: An important part of any garage revamp is the organisation phase, in which shelving plays an important part. Whether you will be reusing your current shelving or invest in something new, whatever you choose in the end might have an effect on the wall treatment you choose.

  • Our top three favourite garage wall treatments:


    The most obvious, inexpensive and straightforward choice but impactful non the less. Choose a darker neutral colour to prevent any future stains from being too obvious. Or go for something bold, like a bright red feature wall. It is all up to you.

    Wall Panelling

    The world of wall panelling is an entire conversation on its own. Panelling is either sold in a tile or sheet format but the range of material they are made of vary between PVC, MDF, hardboard, vinyl, melamine, resin and even 3D. Panelling is durable, low maintenance and offer good insulation as well. They are also easy to install.


    Why play it safe when you can play it cool? Fun murals of absolutely anything on earth are becoming quite the trend. A beautiful landscape, vintage cars, skyscrapers etc. – choose anything that will put a smile on your face for years to come. You don’t have to go “weird” with your wallpaper. Choosing an exposed brick wallpaper, for example can give you an extremely stylish appearance without all the effort.

    Read our previous revamp article that focuses on flooring options, here. The first step in any garage revamp is ensuring that you have fully functional garage doors in place. At Rightfit, we’ll sort you out.