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August 24, 2018
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How to give your garage an attractive curb appeal

The garage is the largest entrance into your home. With many home’s driveways and garages faced towards the street, it could be a good idea to spruce up this area this spring.

Here are some ideas to enhance the exterior of your garage and garage doors :

1. Add greenery

Pot plants or trellised plants can instantly transform the exterior of the space, creating a “softer” more attractive appearance. If you don’t have a carport, a garage arbour with roses or creeping plants could look fantastic too.

2. Paint your garage doors

The quickest way to uplift the appearance of your garage exterior is by door TLC. A fresh layer of paint is a quick fix, but sometimes a change of colour could make the most dramatic difference. While neutral colours are always a safe bet, dove grey is a particular favourite.

3. Invest in new garage doors

When paint won’t do the trick, perhaps it is time to replace your garage doors? New doors will boost the appearance as well as improve your home’s safety, reduce dust and make entering and exiting the house a breeze.

4. Shine a new light on it

Choose a more stylish light fitting. Something bigger and bolder (yet, still suited to the style of your house) will look great. It will also give this area an attractive look at night. For two separate doors: Add one light in between or one in the middle and one on each side (3 in total). For one large door: Add a light on both sides (2 in total).

5. Hang some wall décor

Exterior wall art made from cement, iron etc. can give your garage a creative flair. Simply choosing a more decorative option for your house number will make a worthwhile impact.

At Rightfit, we provide customers across Gauteng and surrounds with a professional garage door service. We can replace your worn-down doors with any of the wide selection of aluminium, wood and aluzinc garage doors we stock. Alternatively, we can also assist in the repairing of any faulty doors.