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Aluzinc Garage Doors

Aluzinc garage doors make use of the Aluzinc material which is a steel substrate coated on either sides with an aluminium / zinc alloy. The coating consists of 55% aluminium, 43,4% zinc and 1,6% silicon. This unique coating is applied directly to the steel by a continuous hot dip galvanizing process. Due to this combination, we get an excellent corrosion resistance for all of the garage doors of this type. Aluzinc garage doors tend to have a longer life expectancy without to much maintenance. It will also maintain its appearance for a long time.

Our Aluzinc garage doors have good corrosion resistance at high temperatures, good abrasion resistance because of its surface hardness, excellent thermal and light reflectivity. The Aluzinc range is available in a range of colours and styles to fit in with your decor.

* Please not that these prices do not include installation.


Standard Aluzinc Garage Door Samples

Our single standard aluzinc garage doors come in many different styles, have a look below for the style that suits your needs. This option is alot cheaper than the aluminium garage doors and have simular feature.



Wood Look Aluzinc Garage Door Samples

If you are looking for wooden garage doors with out the price tag, why not try our wide range of wood-look aluzinc garage doors.


Double Garage Door