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Garage doors tend to take on punishment due to rain in the springtime, intense heat in the summer, extremely cold during the winter, and strong winds during the autumn across South Africa. All of these natural elements tend to affect, your garage doors color. Brightness and color tends to fade, along with the possibility of your paneling becoming distorted and warped, your weather seals can wear out which could allow for animals or weather to get in, and various other, undesirable effects. If any one, or combination, of these effects is showing or happening to your garage door, then it could be the right time to completely overhaul or replace your commercial or residential garage door. This process is very easy and headache-free if you choose Rightfit Garage Doors of Pretoria for all of your garage door needs.

We will be able to help you choose the perfect door for your Pretoria home which will complement any look or style, will be inexpensive, and last decades. A great accompaniment to all of these benefits, replacing your garage door will give your home that new look and feel, and let’s not forget the financial boost you gain when selling it. We work with a wide variety of materials such as steel, aluminium, aluzinc, or wood, and have many of different styles to offer, the possibilities are endless. You can choose the one that suits your needs and your home type. Choosing that flawless door for your home can be rather intimidating, that is why we are here to assist you every step of the way. We have a wide range of quality garage doors for sale. Call (0)12 817 2065 let us get you started with a Free Quote!

Quality Garage Doors

At Rightfit we pride ourselves on providing superior quality Wooden Garage Doors, Aluminium Garage Doors and Aluzinc Garage Doors to suit our clients needs. All of our doors are accompanied by motors. Visit Rightfit garage doors pretoria showroom to see our full collection.

Garage Door Repairs

Taking the time for maintenance on your door will increase it's life span and your safety. Rightfit also specialises in garage door repairs and maintenance. Give us a call, our service team is at your disposal.

Request A Service

Rightfit will be able to assist with the following repairs:

  • Broken Springs
  • Door off Track
  • Cable Snapped or Loose
  • Damaged Garage Panel
  • And So Much More