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hobby ideas for your garage
8 Hobbies the Garage is Ideal For
April 25, 2019
hobby ideas for your garage
8 Hobbies the Garage is Ideal For
April 25, 2019
garage games room

Creating the ultimate Garage Games Room

A lack of space is perhaps why most households have done away with the classic “Pool Room”. No wonder hosting events at home have become a bit of a nightmare – especially when it is cold or dark outside. Proposal: Revamp your garage into the ultimate Games Room and make family time this winter’s main attraction.

Before you drag in the pool table, dart board, board games etc. the space needs some TLC:

  1. Lights: The right lighting (not too bright) is a must in this space. Downlighters or multiple strategically hung lights could do the trick.
  2. Insulate: Not so much fun to freeze or boil in the Games Room. Get the insulation right. Here are some guidance on insulating the garage doors.
  3. Repair: Fix any broken windows, or garage doors. The Games Room need to keep some expensive items safe so make sure your doors seal and lock properly.
  4. Decorate: Make it cosy. Add carpets and curtains, paint and decorate to give your Games Room the appeal it needs.


  • Not just a pool table: A pool table is the first thing that comes to mind when creating a Games Room. It takes up a lot of the space though, unless, you are resourceful. A separate table top that fits snuggly on top of the pool table can make all the difference. Add a few chairs and it’s a poker table or a place to play board games or even build a large puzzle. Shop around as you might even find a 3-in-1 pool, air hockey and table tennis table for sale somewhere.
  • Add a corner bar: As the Games Room is not just for the kids, single out an area and set up a mini bar. This space could quite easily double as a “Man Cave” too.
  • Add couches: While a Games Room is about playing games it is also about family time and chilling out. Make it easy for everyone to do so by adding a few cosy couches. Here Mum could read a book and the kids could play tablet games. It is also a nice spot from which to watch as the others play.
  • Add storage: Isn’t it annoying when you try to play a board game that is missing some of its components? While a Games Room is great place to store ALL the games in the house, it can also become a mess if you aren’t careful. Some clever cabinetry can solve this problem and keep everything neat in the process.

With a room dedicated solely to this purpose, every night could be Game Night.

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