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October 26, 2018
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The garage: An ideal place to kick-start your start-up

Start-ups are abundant with many things (visions, missions, ideas etc.), but cash flow, understandably, isn’t one of these. Creative ways to cut on costs are essential. Putting off having to pay for office space is perhaps one of the Top 3. It is therefore no surprise that many well-known enterprises including Amazon and Google celebrate their humble beginnings in the inside of a garage. But saving on money isn’t the only advantages a garage-office offers.

  • It saves you commuting time: Modestly speaking a daily commute to and from work could consume an hour a day. Working from your garage means there is no travel time and you have a minimum of 5 hours more per week to spend on work instead.
  • Its space can accommodate a mini operation: A garage offers enough space to get a decent operation on the go. Three or more desks can fit this space and/or with clever shelving your stock could rest easy here too.
  • Its location offers the best of both worlds: Your garage is close enough so you benefit from all the other stuff stay at home workers do. However, because it isn’t really a part of the home, you have less of the disadvantages i.e. disruptions from kids, never really leaving the office etc. too.

  • Things to get in place before you set-up “shop”

    Apart from the furniture, flooring, drywalling and other obvious décor additions that would give the space the physical appearance you are after, there are some other Must Dos to get in order first:

  • Get permission: Freelancing is one thing, running a business is something completely different. You might need permission from neighbours, your body corporate etc. Special zoning might apply for running your business venture from home too.
  • Insulate it: Dust, excessive heat or cold will not only affect your computers and equipment negatively, but also your health and productivity. Make sure you insulate the space before you move in.
  • Make it light and airy: Invest in the airflow and lighting of the space. Natural light and air is of course the best but can be enhanced with good overhead lighting, an aircon and ventilation system.
  • Secure it: Ensure the safety and security of your home and your equipment by making your garage extra secure. An alarm, fully functioning and lockable garage doors, security bars etc. Don’t forget to up your house contents insurance too.
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