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June 4, 2018
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Garage Revamp: Flooring options

If your garage is an eyesore, it could be time for a revamp. A good place to start is flooring. The floor of your garage undergoes a lot of hammering but if given a little TLC, it can make a tremendous difference in the overall look of the space. Plus, it will deliver various practical benefits too.

Essentially, there are two categories of flooring treatments you can consider, namely coating and covering.

Garage floor coating options

A garage floor coating refers to any type of treatment to the actual concrete floor. Coatings are cost-effective but require a lot of prep work before you can get started.

Coating options include:

  • Concrete floor paint: Similar to wall paint but just more hardwearing. Concrete floor paint is the quick and inexpensive route to take, but if your floor isn’t in mint condition, it won’t solve your problems.
  • Epoxy paint: Extra tough coating available in various colours. You will have to cough up extra for this coating, but it is well worth the expense.
  • Concrete stain: Stain actually penetrates the concrete, which means it will last longer than paint. However, similar to floor paint, your floor should be in great shape.
  • Concrete sealer: Acrylic and urethane sealers are relatively inexpensive and not too difficult to apply. It won’t fix a damaged floor however, and cannot be used over a previously painted or treated floor.

Garage floor covering options

A garage floor covering refers to anything you add on top of the concrete floor i.e. tiles, mats etc. Coverings that have been made for garage floors specifically are very durable but more on the pricey side. They are however, simple and quick to apply with little prep work involved.

Although there are many great options, we highlight our favourite three:

  • Interlocking PVC tiles – These tiles are very durable, stain resistant, easy to install, maintain and move.
  • Interlocking rubber tiles or rubber matts – We love this option for the garage DIYer as it prevents leg fatigue and are anti slip.
  • Carpet tiles – Made from synthetic polymers, which are crush proof and suitable for power washers, carpet tiles are an interesting option because it can help lessen the cold, uninviting characteristics of this space.

Revamping a garage is hard work and can be quite the investment, but in the end it will be worth every rand you’ve spent. Critical in your revamp project is the condition of your garage doors. At RightFit, we can install affordable, high-quality new garage doors or assist you in repairing your current faulty or broken garage doors. Contact us for a quote today!