10 Must-have tools for your garage workshop [Practical Guide]
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10 Must-have tools for your garage workshop

One of 2018’s garage trends is a tendency for people to utilise the garage as a “workshop” for all their newfound DIY hobbies. Which means, DIY is not only a great stress reliever but it has also become exceptionally trendy. Although the type of DIYing you’ll be doing will largely influence the type of tools you’ll need, here is our Top 10 list of must-have tools to start with.

1. A workbench

The cornerstone of any proper workshop is a sturdy workbench. The location of your bench is just as important as the bench itself. You need to place it a practical place, where it won’t be in the way and allow enough leg and moving-around room.

2. The basics

You most probably already own the following, but check whether they are still in good condition: A tape measure, utility knife, screwdriver set, socket wrench set, pliers, a claw hammer, nails etc.

3. Portable toolbox & general storage

The above-mentioned basics are usually stored in an easy to carry portable toolbox, so you can move it from place to place. But for all other larger tools, you’ll need a place for them to go. Sealable containers are a great option. If you are able to elevate your storage solution in some way (i.e. shelving etc.) – even better.

4. Extension cord & power strip

Fumbling around with plug space, two point plugs and knotted extension cords are enough to put anyone off. Get organised with a surge extension reel and a dedicated, good quality power strip with space for two and three point plugs.

5. Protective gear

Invest in good quality protective eyewear, earplugs, gloves etc.

6. Proper lighting

The best form of light is obviously natural light from outside. If you have a drive-through garage, you can simply roll up your inner door and Bob’s your uncle. But what if the weather’s bad or if you don’t have that option? Additional lighting such as a table or floor lamp is always a good go.

7. A level

Levelling your projects is a vital step. Don’t guess the true horizontal and true vertical. Know it!

8. Bench vice

Invest in a good quality, sturdy bench vice to keep your projects in place. It will be one of your most used tools soon enough!

9. Circular saw

Most DIY jobs include some woodwork and if you have a corded circular saw the race is almost won.

10. Power drill

If you don’t own a power drill already, it will become one of your most loved tools. It is a great time saver as apart from obviously drilling holes you can also use it to drive in screws.

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What does your garage workshop look like? Do you have a super organized system or are you just winging it? Share your stories with us on facebook, we’d love to feature your garage in an upcoming blog post!