Your guide to a pest-free garage
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April 3, 2018
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Your guide to a pest-free garage

An unkept garage can easily fall victim to pests such as ants, spiders, termites and mice. Over time pests can find their way into your garage and set-up shop. Pests can risk the health of you and your family and cause considerable damage to your property. Take action, before they get out of hand.

Warning signs that you have pests in your garage

Sometimes it is very obvious that a nest of mice, colony of ants or brood of termites have moved in. If however, the garage have become the dumping ground for the family’s unused things, noticing a pest’s arrival isn’t always that obvious.

Look out for the following:

  • Droppings – If “they” are pooping there, they are living there. Enough said.
  • Nests – If you find nests inside of boxes, in between furniture or bicycles, you have permanent guests.
  • Noise – At night when the house is super quite, listen. If you hear faint noises in the garage, chances are you’ve got company.
  • Smell – If there is a dodgy smell hovering in the garage, they’ve settled in nicely.
  • Damage – If you notice gnaw marks on the edges of boxes, holes in furniture etc., we’re sorry to say, but you’ve got rodents living in your garage.
  • How to keep your garage free from pests

    The problem with pests is that even if you remove them from the garage, they will always return, unless you solve the root of the problem. Follow these steps to keep your garage pest free:


    Pests love to live and hide in chaos, even if it is an organised kind. Declutter and organise your garage. Store things in sealable, sturdy containers.

    Do a weekly clean

    Start seeing your garage as part of the house, and make cleaning it properly a weekly or bi-weekly affair.

    Repair your garage doors

    Pests love the garage because it provides shelter in an area where there is little human activity. That is why you should make sure that your garage doors close and seal properly.

    Repair garage walls (fill cracks etc.)

    Cracks in the wall do not need to be wide for pests to worm their way into your garage. Fill them up.

    Consider a barn owl for pest control

    Barn owls are a superb and natural way to manage pests on your property. Build/buy an owl box and fix it to a wall, tree or poll. Remember, owl boxes need to be placed somewhere secluded and high up.

    At RightFit, we not only supply and install high quality, durable and affordable new garage doors, but we also offer a garage door repair service. Don’t let pests enter through your broken garage door, we’ll replace or repair it for you at an excellent rate. Contact us for a quote today.