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How to turn the garage into a laundry room

Laundry. For those who never deal with it, you might wonder what the big fuss is. But for those in charge of it, it is a constant battle. Not only is it a never-ending task but it is also the task that rarely has its own room. While some newer houses accommodate both a dishwasher and a washing machine in the scullery, few allow for a top loader. And for most the spare bedroom is nothing other than the home’s laundry dumping-ground. Enough! Give your washing its own space by converting a section of your double garage into a laundry room.

Here’s how:

Step 1: Get the plumber out.

The first thing you will need is water for your washing machine. Do it properly by getting a plumber out and installing a tap.

Step 2: Insulate the garage.

Not only will you be spending a lot of time here and need it to be a moderate temperature, but you also need to keep your washed clothing and appliances clean and dry. So invest in insulation. Ensuring that your garage doors close properly is one of the first things in getting this right.

Step 3: Shine light on it.

Make sure you have enough visibility. By adding a ceiling and painting it white, you will make your current garage lights double as effective while also assisting with the garage’s insulation. Also consider adding a window for natural light.

Step 4: Do a proper spring-clean.

If your garage has been neglected for years it will need a proper spring-clean before you drag in of your appliances.

Step 5: Give it a new lick of paint.

There are some stains not even the toughest of cleaning products can remove, so give your ceiling, walls and floors a new lick of paint.

Ideas to make your garage laundry room look the part

Feeling as if something is missing? Try adding some of these:

  • Dry walling – Square off your laundry room with dry walling. It will also assist in keeping the area cleaner.
  • Laminated flooring/ tiles – Don’t settle for the plain garage floor. Take it up a level and give the floor an attractive appearance.
  • Custom cabinets and shelves – Cabinets, shelving and a flat surface are both easy on the eyes and practical.
  • Clothing rail – Simplify the ironing process by installing a clothing rail.
  • Extra glam – Decorate the space by choosing an interesting shade of paint, adding appealing baskets, curtains, a ceiling fan etc.
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