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4 Reasons to insulate your garage

The days where a garage is simply a shed-like building somewhere on your property, where who-knows-what is stored, is something of the past. Garages are exceptional value-adds to every home and nestled against the home for quick access to and from. In short, the garage is an extension of the home. And if you treat it well, it will be good to you too.

Having sturdy, lockable garage doors in place is the first step to getting the most from your garage. The second? Insulation!

Reasons why insulating your garage is a great idea:

1. It limits energy loss

A garage is the largest “room” of the house and if it isn’t insulated hot air in the summer and cold air in the winter will transfer to the adjacent rooms causing you to spend more on heating or cooling these areas. Insulation will never cool or heat the garage but it will ensure that whatever heating or cooling efforts you apply inside this space does a better job of staying there.

2. It allows you to use the space for various other things

With a garage so close to the home and so spacious it can easily double as nearly anything you need it for. But one of the first steps in getting this right is of course creating a space that can maintain a suitable temperature, and this is done through insulation.

Your garage can be the ultimate:
  • hobby room
  • laundry room
  • party venue
  • office etc
  • Apart from appropriate flooring and other décor additions, new or proper garage doors are essential for this kind of transformation.

    3. It protects you and your belongings

    When it comes to earthly possessions, a garage houses and safeguards some expensive items. Cars, motorcycles, bicycles, trailers and tools can rack up quite the bill if not protected. Without proper insulation these belongings are open to rust, water-damage or damage caused by extreme temperatures. In addition, garage insulation protects your family from carbon monoxide poisoning as it ensures that any fumes in the garage are not transferred to the rest of the home.

    4. It limits noise

    Garage doors are essentially massive windows, and if they and the rest of the garage aren’t insulated properly noise from the street can enter the house. The same is also true of noise from the garage. If you are busy with some DIY less noise will transfer to the neighbours etc.

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