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4 Signs You Need New Garage Doors

Garage doors, or any door of the home for that matter, are the last things you would think of replacing. They should be durable and last a lifetime, right? Unfortunately, a garage’s doors experience a lot of natural wear and tear over the years and seeing as they can become a safety liability it is definitely worth it to replace old doors when the time comes.

Often a simple garage door repair or maintenance can do the trick. However, here are 4 signs that it is perhaps a good time to upgrade to new doors:

Sign 1: Your garage doors need constant repairs

If your garage doors have a little issue that rears its ugly head every now and again but it is a quick fix – you are still good to go. However, if a door is shaky the one week and off its tracks the next, it is probably giving you more trouble than it’s worth. In which case you should consider buying new garage doors.

Sign 2: Your garage doors look terrible

Whether it was an accident or simply old age, if your garage doors are uneven, cracked, or dented nothing you do to repair them will truly help. Rather invest in new doors. Shop around for specials. You’ll be surprised at how affordable they can be.

Sign 3: Your garage doors are letting strong drafts and water through

The main purpose of a garage is to protect your car and all the belongings you store in there. Not only from theft but from outside elements like dust and rain as these can have a devastating effect on especially electrical equipment. Small gaps in between your garage door and the wall can easily be repaired, but the bigger the gaps the more difficult it becomes. And if you have several gaps it will be easier to get new doors that fit perfectly instead.

Sign 4: Your garage doors are unattractive.

Your home is probably the most expensive investment you will ever make. The aesthetic appeal of your home should therefore be important to you, especially if you are planning to sell someday. Garage doors make or break your curb-appeal. Sometimes not even the craftiest of paint job can make out-dated, ugly garage doors fit with the rest of your home. If this is the case with your doors, then buy new ones. These days there are multiple styles and colours to choose from.

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