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Bring Back The Garage Party!

Do you remember the garage parties of the 80s and 90s? Back then garages weren’t half as nice as they are these days, and even without Pinterest they were epic. For your next large event, consider transforming the biggest room in your house into the ultimate party venue. Not only will you save loads of money, but you will also benefit from complete privacy. Plus, by having it at home you don’t have to drive décor etc. to and from the venue.

Parties suited for the garage

Teenager’s dance party

The garage is an ideal dance floor. Dim the lights, add music and a disco ball and you are halfway there. By closing the garage doors you will limit the amount of noise that will escape to the neighbours.

Birthday Party

The big 30, 40, 50, 60 etc. birthdays cannot pass by uncelebrated. Neither can some of those in between. Perhaps you’re not one to make a fuss about yourself but you want to spoil someone else? Either which way the garage is the perfect venue. Host a dress up, a dance, or even a dinner party. The garage is your oyster.

Baby Shower /Kitchen Tea / Bacherlor’s Party

Whether you need a space to serve a bunch a people cake and tea while someone opens heaps of presents (baby shower/kitchen tea) or you need a space to get the guys together (bachelor’s) – the garage is ideal. If you have a covered carport, paving or patch of grass in front of the garage, open the garage doors and extend the party. For the guys – rent or borrow a snooker table and add a TV to watch the game.

Dinner Party

Sometimes you just want to host a dinner because you are in the mood to cook. Or you need a space for an Easter or Christmas lunch. Rent or borrow a few tables and chairs and get everyone to eat and socialise in one room.

Décor ideas

Naturally before decorating the garage it will require a good wash. Perhaps a lick of paint is also a good idea, but with these décor tips you can truly transform the space:

  • Helium balloons: Frame the entrance, a corner or the entire ceiling.
  • Sheets: Drape white or black sheets across the ceiling and walls.
  • Fairy light: Hang strings of fairy lights for a romantic look.
  • Paper lanterns: Bundle together in a corner or in the middle of the ceiling; or hang them here and there to soften up the space.
  • Instead of investing money on hiring a venue for your next party, invest in a garage upgrade and have it there. Garage doors can make or break the look and feel of your party. At RightFit we can either install new high quality wooden, aluminium or aluzinc garage doors or repair your garage doors for you.

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