7 Ways To Give Your Garage The Face-Lift It Needs
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March 28, 2017
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7 Ways To Give Your Garage The Face-Lift It Needs.

At approximately 6 m x 6 m a double garage is perhaps the largest room in an averaged size home. Apart from protecting your cars from outside elements, a garage has so much more potential. It can dual as a hobby room, extra storage space, a laundry room, and so much more. These days garages are built with the above in mind, but if you own an old school garage, give it a face-lift by doing the following:

  1. Insulate it – In order to make a garage a proper room in the house it needs to feel like one. Apart from temperature regulating benefits insulation also keeps out street noise and lessens noise from the garage (from whatever hobby you practice) from spreading through the rest of the house or to the neighbours.
  2. Add a ceiling – Consider adding a ceiling in your garage. It will keep out dust and make the room more airy and light. Allow for some storage space inside the ceiling and stow away unsightly boxes or things that have no place else to go.
  3. Plaster and paint walls – Plastered and painted walls round off a garage aesthetically. In addition to this they also keep dust at bay and help to reflect ceiling lights.
  4. Add proper lighting / windows – If you cannot see in every corner of the garage add more lighting. Windows or even skylights can also add a nice touch.
  5. Add new flooring – Don’t settle for normal cement floors that stain and appear unattractive. Upgrade your flooring with tiles or polyurethane and epoxy flooring solutions. Polyurethane floors are resistant to abrasion, wear and impact. Plus they are just as easy to clean as they are easy on the eyes.
  6. Install cabinets and shelves – With two cars parked, spacing can seem like an issue but not if you install custom cabinets and shelves in clever places. Whatever you want to store in the garage can be stowed away out of sight inside thee cabinets or in neat containers arranged on your shelves.
  7. Repair your garage door / or install a new one – The most important part of any garage face-lift is its garage doors. Garage doors need to close, seal and lock properly. If they don’t have your garage doors repaired or install a new one.
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