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5 Hot Garage Door Trends For 2019

Garages have become a home’s most popular value-added space. From a curb appeal’s perspective, garage doors therefore have an important role to play. As we kick off the year, it is interesting to note what the trends for the home’s largest doorway are.

Trend 1: Bold colours

Painting garage doors a statement colour is an interesting one as South Africans are known for playing it safe when it comes to this part of the home. Black is by far one of the leading trends for interiors as well as exteriors. Other bold colours trending for garage doors at the moment are terracotta, green and other earthy tones.

Trend 2: Natural wood

No surprise that natural wooden garage doors still remain a hot trend. It is a great way to give your home a cosier, rustic feel. Don’t forget your maintenance though. Unmaintained wooden garage doors are not only an eyesore but also a liability.

Trend 3: Windows

As more people realise the potential of this space, the resourceful ways in which people use the garage have intensified. Insulated doors and garage doors with windows are therefore in the limelight. Doors with windows that offer some privacy through frosting or tinting are very popular.

Trend 4: Eco-friendly

Another trend that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, is the eco-friendly garage, and with that eco-friendly garage doors. Doors that are insulated, made from recycled materials or run on solar power etc. all fall underneath this category.

Trend 5: High tech

Smart technology for garage doors is all the hype. Apps that allow you to manage your garage door from your smartphone, is one of them. These apps allow you to monitor door activity when you are away or give someone else temporary access when you aren’t able to provide entry at a specific point in time.

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