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Garage Revamp: Going “green”

The garage used to be the most unappreciated space on a property. However, with the rise in DIY hobbies, this space has become a unique and value-added extension to the home. People are realising the garage’s potential and are renovating it to be more functional and attractive. These days being more eco-friendly is extremely important and the garage is no exception. Choosing a greener solution for your garage revamp is not only easier on the earth but could also save you money in the long run.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Insulate the garage –

The garage is the biggest room in the house with the largest door. With winter on the way it is a good idea to ensure that your garage door, garage windows and walls as well as the door into the house are all properly insulated. When it comes to choosing the right insulation opt for wool, cotton, aerogel, polystyrene and Icynene as these have the highest R-values. Adding a garage door threshold seal is also a good idea. Remember, old, withered and or faulty garage doors not only let in cold air but are also a security risk.

Use LED lighting –

It is no secret that when it comes to energy bills, lights make up a large percentage of the cost. Switching to LED lights is therefore important in the garage and driveway, as it will make all the difference.

Get rid of toxins safely –

Fumes from poison and old paint are bad for your family’s health as well as the environment – get rid of it. If you need to keep some, rather stow these in an airtight plastic container somewhere separate from the house, like a shed.

Install Solar PV –

In South Africa, loadshedding is unfortunately a nightmare many of us are faced with regularly. Solar panels on the roof of your garage and/ or house can help you combat loadshedding, save on energy costs and lead a greener more eco-friendly lifestyle. There are multiple companies that offer a financed solar PV solution that can help your garage (and your entire home) run on green energy.

Drive less –

A greener garage also requires a greener mind-set. What can you do to lower your carbon footprint even more? Be more resourceful when it comes to planning your car trips. Carpool with a colleague or try working from home one day a week for example. Even the smallest change will have a positive effect.

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