Holiday Security Checklist for the Home & Garage
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Holiday Security Checklist

Holiday Security Checklist for the Home & Garage

The holiday season is here, and while you might be taking some time off work for that well-deserved trip, thieves are now more active than ever. Before you leave for the holidays, be sure to do a proper security inspection of your house, garage and entire perimeter.

Here’s a holiday security checklist for your home and garage:


  • Inspect your alarm – Is your alarm in working order? Inspect all motion detectors and beams. How long does your security company take to respond?
  • Inform a trusty neighbour – A neighbour who is staying home during the holidays can be one of your best security measures. Check in with this neighbour, inform them on your departure and return dates, and if possible ask them to keep an eye on your property.
  • Check all locks & windows – Can all your doors lock and are all your windows able to close properly? Close all windows, draw curtains and lock all doors.
  • Place valuables out of sight – Easily visible items of value, such as a flat screen TV, laptops etc. can make your home a target. Walk around your home and look through the windows, can you see anything? If you can, place them out of sight. If you have valuable items inside your garden shed, perhaps move it over to the garage instead.


  • Secure your garage door – Your garage door is the largest doorway into your home. Is your garage door secure? In other words does it close properly and are you able to lock it?
  • Lock your garage door – Don’t just close the door, lock it. With time on their hands a thief might be able to bypass your remote. Make sure any car left inside the garage is properly locked also; with any extra security measures in place i.e. gear or steering wheel locks, immobiliser etc. Place your car keys in a safe place.
  • Lock the door leading into the home – Ideally, a security gate should be installed in the door leading into your home. Alternatively, just make sure this door is locked, and the key safely stowed away.
  • Check any windows inside the garage – Do you have a window inside your garage? If you do, check whether it is secure, and close it tightly. If this window doesn’t a curtain or blinds, obscure the view into the garage through any means possible.

From the entire RightFit team, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Please travel safe!

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