Garage & Garage Door Trends for 2018
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Garage Door Trends 2018

Garage & Garage Door Trends for 2018

Worldwide people are realising how important a well-maintained garage is for the greater good of the property. Apart from creating a safe zone for the car/s, deep freeze, garden tools etc., garages offer ample storage space, all of which the homebuyer is actively looking for these days. We take a look at what is trending around the world at the moment.

  • 1. Modern garage door
  • Modern garage doors with features such as insulation and all-weather resistance are in the limelight. From an aesthetic point of view garage doors with bold colours or even wooden garage doors are trending at the moment.

  • 2. Garage technology
  • In the US and Canada the focus is on smart garage technology. Apart from operating garage doors via a smart phone, this technology also refers to connectivity between the property and the garage pertaining to lighting, alarms, moisture and smoke detection.

  • 3. Eco-friendly garages
  • Eco-friendly is a hot topic in each and every country and industry on the planet, and a garage is no different. From insulated garages that reduce a house’s energy efficiency to garages that offer battery charging stations for battery-operated vehicles, an eco-friendly garage is all that!

  • 4. High quality garage floors
  • The bottom line is that a concrete garage floor isn’t durable. A small dent will over time become a larger one and unless treated immediately stains settle in for the long haul. Quality garage floors, particularly polyaspartic coatings, are quite popular at the moment. Although similar to epoxy, polyasportic coatings offer quick installation and curing time. They also offer UV stability, are scratch and stain resistant and are suitable for residential or commercial garage floors.

  • 5. Neat workshops in your garage
  • Over the past few years do-it-yourself television shows have made it more popular than ever to DIY. That is why in 2018 we’ll see more and more neat workshops with creative storage solutions jumping up in garages over the country. A proper DIYer needs to keep his or her tools neat, organised and at the ready without delay. Nothing breaks momentum quite like the hunt after a shifting spanner does.

    At Rightfit we provide you with all your garage door needs. From replacing your worn-down doors with new modern doors to doing repairs and maintenance on your faulty ones, we are here for you.

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