Reasons to look after the general state of your garage
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Reasons to look after the general state of your garage

A garage is perhaps the largest, undervalued space on a property. In most households it is the place where all unused items go to live their exiled life, leaving no space for a car. But it need not be the case. A garage can, and should, be more beneficial to you and your family. All it needs is TLC.

Here’s 5 good reasons why looking after your garage is a great idea:

1. A maintained garage is a secure garage

A faulty garage door, broken garage window or other easy-accessible entry points into your garage will leave your entire home exposed. Even if you do not have a door leading into your home via the garage, your property could still be a target point as a result of an unsecured garage. Make sure your garage door, and all other access points, can lock securely.

2. A maintained garage is bursting with opportunity

A garage is an entire living room of space that can offer so much more than just storage. Sure, everyone needs a place to store a few things, and if done so neatly, the garage could offer you this AND MORE. It could be a space where you could DIY. It could be an extra bedroom, office, laundry room, the list is endless. And the simplest of all, the garage could be a place to park, and protect, your car.

3. A maintained garage won’t have any pests

A mess of a garage is the ideal spot for pests to thrive. While you leave your garage door to wither away, termites are having a feast. Old couches are the perfect nests for rats. Spiders (all kinds including poisonous ones) enjoy the cosy corners to lay their eggs. Pests not only ruin the structure of your garage but also anything you put in it.

4. A maintained garage will protect your valuables from damage

A garage that hasn’t been cared for in a while could have a leaky roof and you’d be none the wiser. Not even to mention the water that could enter through a faulty garage door. Water, dust and dirt could damage your car, tools and any electronics stored in the garage. By maintaining your garage you also ensure the protection of anything you are storing in it.

5. A maintained garage forces you to get organised

Regular maintenance will force you to do regular clean-ups too. Sell whatever you aren’t using and make some extra money in the process.

Remember, look after your garage and it will look after you.

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