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Securing your home for the year ahead

Your home contains your most valuable assets: your family. Unfortunately, your home and garage also contain expensive assets like electronics, vehicles, jewellery etc., which is why there have been 543,524 property-related crimes reported in SA during 2016.

Apart from burglar bars, electric fencing (or some sort of deterrent fence), property owners can do more to protect their family and belongings from outside threats.

What can you do to secure your home and garage even further?

1. Invest in an alarm system with a credible security company

An alarm system with a credible security company may not prevent thieves from accessing your home, but it will add extra security, and alert you and your neighbours of an intruder. Let your security company send a patrol car to drive by your home and check the perimeter frequently, especially at night.

2. Lighting

Dark spots make it easier for thieves to enter your yard unnoticed. Inspect your home and identify weak, dark areas. Although it isn’t feasible to create daylight around your home at night, a few clever sensor lights can make a huge difference.

3. Garage Door Maintenance & Repairs

A broken, garage door that has not been maintained or cannot lock properly is the ideal access point for thieves to enter the home. It also creates a shelter for a burglar to hide out until you or one of your family members leave the safety of your house. Make sure that your garage doors are repaired and in well-working order, or invest in new, automatic garage doors.

4. Get a guard dog

Man’s best friend is not only great company but his heightened senses also make him the best guard you will ever have. Let your dog sleep inside the house so that he is able to wake you and protect you when there is danger inside or outside the home. When your dog barks at night, never ignore it. Always get up, put the lights on and investigate from a safe distance. This way potential thieves will know that you are vigilant when it comes to your dog’s barking.

5. Vigilance

Being vigilant is your best protection from outside harm. Apart from always investigating your dog’s bark, make it a habit of checking your fence or wall daily or weekly to see whether it is as it should be. Also get in the habit of locking doors and windows where needed and never open your gate without checking whether it is safe to do so first.

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