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Garages with sturdy, lockable garage doors have become an absolute must for modern families in South Africa.

How to choose the right garage doors for your home

Garages with sturdy, lockable garage doors have become an absolute must for modern families in South Africa. Not only do garages protect our vehicles from theft and the weather elements but they also offer extra space for storage. From an aesthetics point of view, garage doors play a massive role in a home’s curb appeal, and when it comes to replacing your garage doors, the choice should not be made lightly.

Here is some advice to consider:

Firstly, pick the right material for your garage doors.

The location, weather and design of a house play an important role when it comes to choosing the right material for your garage doors. Other important factors to consider are price, durability and maintenance.

In South Africa, the three most popular garage door materials are Wooden, Aluminium and Aluzinc.

  • Wooden garage doors give a beautiful, warm, homely feel to a house. They are therefore a popular choice even though they require some maintenance.
  • Aluminium garage doors offer a contemporary look to your home. They are rust proof, low to no maintenance and very light.
  • Aluzinc steel garage doors are made from zinc and aluminium offering you the best of both worlds. They are rust resistant, need zero maintenance and are ideal for rainy or coastal locations.

Want the look and feel wooden doors give a home but fear the harsh weather in your area might not be suitable for wood? Don’t worry, at RightFit our wooden doors are made with high quality wood that cuts on maintenance and boosts aesthetic appeal. Alternatively, opt for our aluminium or aluzinc garage doors in dark or light oak.

Next, choose the garage doors’ style.

Picking the style of your garage doors is perhaps the easiest thing to choose. The only thing to really consider here is hour home’s style. Garage doors need to complement the style of your home and not seem out of place. Choosing a basic panel, slat or brick look and feel is perhaps a clever choice that will fit with any style of home. However, if your home leans itself to a more alternative style of garage door, you can add even more value to your property by complementing it with a suitable door.

RightFit’s wooden garage doors have a large number of styles that will work well with all types of homes. Our range of alternative wooden garage doors is unique and worth a peak at before you make your final decision.

Then, pick the colour garage doors.

This is the trickiest part as the colour can make or break the curb appeal of your house. Pick the right colour and you have an eye-pleasing result. Pick the wrong colour and your garage doors attract the attention away from your home, which is not what you want. Remember, your front door colour should attract the attention and your garage door should complement this colour.

Instead, choose a colour that is the same as your house or a shade or two lighter or darker. For e.g. if your house is painted white, white, cream or light grey garage doors will look great. If your house has a brick finish any shade of brown (or wood), stone or charcoal will work perfectly.

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