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Are you looking at painting your garage door? There are a few really important steps to follow before getting started. Follow these 3 steps for worry free painting experience.


Garage doors can aesthetically make or break a property’s appearance. That is why your regular maintenance should not only include the physical functioning of your garage doors, but also their appearance. If your garage doors are starting to appear slightly faded, or if you are giving your home an exterior makeover, here’s what you should know about painting garage doors:

1. By taking the right steps using the correct type of paint you can paint any garage door

A single trip to your nearest paint store will reveal that there is suitable paint for any type of surface under the sun. The trick however, is buying the correct paint, paintbrushes and not skipping out on any of the following steps:

  • Step 1: Clean the door
  • Step 2: Remove fittings
  • Step 3: Sand down (wooden garage doors)
  • Step 4: Paint a primer (allow to dry for 24-hours)
  • Step 5: Paint the topcoat (allow to dry for 24-hours)
  • Step 6: Paint a second coat (allow to dry for 24-hours)

  • 2. Timing is essential

    Don’t paint your garage doors during hot or wet weather conditions. The time of day is also important, as you shouldn’t paint when the sun is shining directly onto the surface as it could affect the seamless application of your paint. Due to the steps required, painting garage doors is not a one-day event, so it is therefore essential to plan appropriately.

    3. Colour matters a whole lot

    According to the experts the colour you paint your garage doors has an extreme impact on how the whole of the property will look, so choose wisely. A beige or grey house will look fantastic with white garage doors for example. Add charisma to a white home by painting your garage doors a light grey or similar colour.


    • Try to paint your garage the same colour as your house.
    • Also paint the trim the same colour as the garage door or the house.
    • If you have a brick home, do paint your garage door a neutral colour.


    • Try not to paint your garage door more than one colour.
    • Also try not to paint your garage door a colour that steals the attention away from the home.

    Time for a new garage door?

    If your garage doors are all but falling apart, a new lick of paint is like putting lipstick on a pig. Sure it will look prettier, but a garage door in proper working order is worth far more to your family’s and your car’s safety. At Rightfit garage doors we have a wide selection of wooden, aluminium and aluzinc garage doors in a variety of colours that will round off you garage and home perfectly. Choose from wooden doors in a number of styles and wooden finishes, aluminium garage doors in white, charcoal, bronze or aluzinc garage doors in white, bronze, charcoal, brown and wooden finish.

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